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Commercial Insurance in Louisiana

Starting a business is inherently risky. That proposition becomes riskier if you go full speed ahead without securing commercial insurance first. Here at the Soto Insurance Agency, we want to give aspiring entrepreneurs in Covington, LA every opportunity to succeed. To do that, we offer comprehensive commercial insurance policies that can protect them in a variety of ways.

What Is Commercial Insurance?

When we talk about commercial insurance, it’s important to note that we’re not discussing one specific policy. Instead, commercial insurance breaks down into several components that shield your business from different types of risk.

For example, general liability insurance is helpful to businesses that either work on properties or have physical locations. That policy can take effect if one of your workers causes an accident. It may also protect you from significant expenses if someone sustains an injury while shopping inside your store.

You may also get something known as business interruption insurance. This particular policy shields you against financial losses if your business cannot operate due to certain events.

Businesses can also get cyber insurance. Cyber insurance protects businesses if they are affected by data breaches.

Those are just some of the commercial insurance policies that business owners in Louisiana can secure. If the benefits they provide sound good to you, don’t hesitate to get them as well.

Are You Required to Have Commercial Insurance in Louisiana?

Commercial insurance is typically an optional purchase for Louisiana business owners. However, there are two exceptions to that.

The first exception is the commercial auto insurance policy. You must have that if your business uses a vehicle and there’s no getting around that requirement.

The other plan you will likely need is workers’ compensation insurance. In Louisiana, any business owner with at least one employee is required to have that policy.

Make sure you have those requirements in order so you can avoid legal troubles.

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Protect your business from potential risks by purchasing commercial insurance. We at the Soto Insurance Agency can help all Covington, LA business owners who want to protect their ventures better. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking for comprehensive commercial insurance plans!

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