Home Insurance

Don't allow the excitement of purchasing a new home in Louisiana make you forget about the risks that can put you in a messy financial crisis since you ignored to purchase home insurance. At Soto Insurance Agency, we understand the value of your home, and we are here to give you peace of mind as a homeowner.

Louisiana Home Insurance

We take the responsibility of covering the structure of your home, damage to your property, any risk of liability, and we will also protect you against legal claims. Home insurance is essential for any homeowner. Our home insurance policy covers several aspects of your home including:

Structure of Your Home

Home insurance can pay for repairs to rebuild your home in case it is damaged or destroyed by a storm, fire, lightning, and many other natural disasters. Our home insurance policy also covers other detached structures such as your car garage, gazebo, or tool shed. We shall ensure that you still have a place to call home even when the worst happens.

We Also Cover Your Personal Belongings

Apart from the structure of your house and other detached structures, we also protect your personal belongings including but not limited to furniture, clothes, sports equipment, and electronics. We shall reimburse you if your personal belongings are stolen or destroyed.

Our personal belongings coverage for Louisiana residents includes items that may be stored in off-site premises meaning that our home insurance can cover your personal property anywhere in the world. If you have higher end valuables, it is smart to relay this information to your insurance agency because further insurance may be required.

Liability Protection

Our liability protection policy covers you against lawsuits for physical bodily injury or property damage that you or your family may cause to third parties. We shall be there to help you if your son destroys your neighbor's expensive 4K television or when someone sustains severe injuries as a result of a fall while in your home.

Are you a homeowner in Louisiana? Contact Soto Insurance Agency today for a comprehensive home insurance policy. Our agents can work with you to get you started on a policy. Try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance, and visit or call our office to have your questions answered.